Synthetic Phonics in Spain

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Synthetic Phonics, the most efficient way to learn English.
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"A reading revolution: Synthetic Phonics",
an interview with Elizabeth Nonweiler
September-October 2007
"A Rosy view on teaching Phonics",
by Marj Newbury
5TO7 Educator
August-September 2006
"Birstall Case Study",
by Marj Newbury
A Jolly Phonics Case Study
"Changes to the UK Literacy Strategy",
by Christopher Jolly
IS - The ECIS Magazine
Spring-Autumn 2007
"The Magic Bullet?",
by Mr Read
Mr Read 'How Not To Teach'
and 'I 8 Skool' Blog

"Jolly Phonics",
by Jean McBryde
BATOD Association Magazine
September 2006
Jolly Stories Gold Award
Practical Pre-School Awards
"Jolly Phonics Newsletter"
(Second Edition),
by Christopher Jolly
Jolly Phonics On-Line Course
Jolly Learning
and CPD College (Ireland)
"Kelly tears up schools' reading policy
and backs phonics approach",
by Richard Garner
The Independent - Education
"Letters and Sounds one year on",
by Jaz Ampaw-Farr
Literacy Today
June 2008
"Read my lips, I can fix our schools",
an interview with Ruth Miskin
The Sunday Times
"School literacy hour is a flop, say academics"
The Daily Telegraph
"Sounds incredible"
The Guardian
"Speaking Up -
Announcing a multilingual revolution"
ABODE Magazine
"Synthetic Phonics - What is it?",
by Sue Lloyd
Families East
September-October 2005
"The New Framework: the news is good",
by Sara Wernham
Literacy Today
December 2006
"Time for change - Let's get literate!",
by Jennifer Chew
Teaching & Learning
October-November 2006
"What can you do to help your child
learn to read and write?",
by Sue Lloyd
Parents and Kids Magazine
"What can you do to help your child
learn to read and write?",
by Sue Lloyd
Jolly Learning

Jolly Centre - Segovia

Teacher Training Day

Saturday 17th May, 2014



I did not know that English could be so easy for 3, 4 and 5 year olds, very impressive to see 5 yr. olds reading books in English independently.

Spanish Ministry of Education/ British Council Bilingual Project school in Ávila.

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